Student Experiences with Victoria Teel

I loved Victoria’s energy and enthusiasm. The workshop was great fun, with interesting choreography.
— Amy, TX
By far, Victoria’s workshop is one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken
— Miriam Amaya, TX
I thoroughly enjoyed both of Victoria’s workshops. Her instructions are exceptionally clear and easy-to-understand.
— Julie, TX
It was such a pleasure to have taken a workshop with Victoria. She has a great teaching method, a gentle demeanor , and is such a talented dancer. I learned a lot from Victoria’s classes. Everything was broken down properly to prepare for the choreography.
— Rachel, TX
The Fluidity & Flow workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended! I’ve always admired Victoria’s ability to dance with such graceful movements, but having had the opportunity to learn from her was one of my dreams come true!
— Kimmy, TX

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