SkYpe lesson Frequently asked questions

What do I need to take a Skype Private Lesson?
A laptop, phone, tablet or desktop, web cam, microphone (usually built into the web cam), and a good internet connection. Also please have Skype downloaded or access to Google Hangout.

What can I work with Victoria on during the private lessons?
Victoria has coached many students on a wide variety of subjects. Some include competition/performance prep, technique, props, stage presences, and makeup. Victoria will tailor each lesson to your needs.

What is the schedule for Skype Private Lessons?
Victoria works with each student to find a time that works best. If you are interested, please email Victoria at with any scheduling questions.

Do my private lesson credits expire?
Yes. Each package has a designated expiration date. The 4 class package expires 3 months from the first class and the 8 class package expires 4 months from the first class.

Are private lessons refundable?
No, however, if you have something come up, Victoria is happy to work with each client and find a solution. Please contact her at

Have more questions?
Victoria encourages you to contact her at directly with any questions you have. Victoria & her team are happy to provide answers for any questions for you have.