PowHow Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take a PowHow LIVE Class?
A laptop or desktop, web cam, microphone (usually built into the web cam), and a good internet connection. Please note that live classes cannot be attended on a mobile phone or tablet, including iPads.

Do class credits expire?
No. Once you buy a class package, you will have credits to use towards that live class type. Essentially, a class card. You can then register for specific dates that you would like to use those credits. Once you use up all of your credits, you have the option to buy a single class credit or a package.

PowHow says “Live Class with Recording”, what does this mean?
One great feature of online classes is all students who have register for a live class will receive automatic access to the recording of the class for later reference. Can’t remember that one combo? No problem. About one hour after class, the recording will be in your video section. Please note if you do not register for that specific class date, you will not receive the recording.

Can I try out a class before buying a package?
Yes. All students are welcome to register for a single class ($20) to try it out before committing to a larger package. Scroll to the bottom of Victoria’s PowHow studio and all live classes are listed with dates and times. Select the date that works best for you and press "Sign Up!". Follow the prompts for registration and payment. You are then all set!

I need to miss a class, what can I do?
No problem! You have a few options if you need to miss a class. If you would like the feedback provided in each live class, apply your credit to future classes that you can attend. This way Victoria will have you live in class and she can provide feedback to you directly. The great thing is that credits do not expire, so no problem if you need to miss class.

If you don’t mind missing direct feedback and want consecutive material (4 weeks in a row per say), then register for the class. Even though you cannot attend in the live portion of the class, you will have access to a video recording for your review at any time. If a student is not registered for that specific class date, they will not have access to the recording.

Are Class Packages Refundable?
PowHow’s refund policy is: “In order to keep the quality of instructors high on Powhow, packages that include credits for live classes and unused Powhow Credits are non refundable and non transferable.” However, if you do need to miss class, no worries. Just reschedule your credit prior to the class if you would like to attend the live version and not just the recording. Also remember class credits never expire. PowHow’s full refund policy can be seen here.

The 6 class packages have specific class descriptions (Teel Fan, Drills, etc), can I apply them to different types of classes?
The class packages are 6 credits for each type of class (Teel Fan, Drills, etc) and cannot be combined. Essentially the 6 credits in a Teel Fan Class Pack can be apply to 6 different time/dates of Teel Fan classes. You cannot apply 3 credits to Drills and 3 to Teel Fan. Packages and single classes are available for all types of classes.

I bought a package of 6 classes but I only see 4 classes online. How do I register for more?
PowHow’s system only allows the next four classes of each type to be seen. As each week passes, a new date will be added. For the current date range Victoria will be offering classes, please see the schedule information.

Have more questions?
If you have any more questions, there are two more resources for you to check. First, PowHow has its own set of student FAQs. You can visit their FAQ site. Secondly, we encourage you to contact info@victoriateel.com directly with any questions you have. Victoria & her team are happy to provide answers for any questions for you have.