Choreography Creation

Have a song you just love but not quite sure how to develop a choreography? Victoria has created choreography for her students for over six years. She is recognized for her ability to create choreography pleasing for students' figures and personal taste. You can submit your song to Victoria and she will discuss with you what your vision is for the piece. 

Student's Thoughts

"I have really enjoyed working with Victoria.  I feel I've learned so much from her in such a short amount of time.  She is professional and organized when it comes to setting up lessons or choreography.  She is very musical and creative with her choreography, showing me combinations and turns that I've never seen before.  Also, she is very patient with me as I am not a trained dancer and I'm over 40, but she still knows when to push my boundaries.  When I perform her choreographies my friends are always amazed at what I can do!  I definitely plan on working with her in the future every opportunity I can get! "  ~Robin, Texas

"Victoria has been an amazing instructor for me . I have learned a great deal about different aspects of this beautiful art.  Not only has she helped me improve posture, arms, isolations, travel etc.   she has also  choreographed several songs for me and that has widened my knowledge of the interpretation of the music, beats and so many aspects that need to be taken into an account at a performance.  She understand my taste so well that she will interpret every song I give her, in a way that I can see she knows exactly what I want from that song. She will take you beyond your comfort zone and bring you to a new level of your dance."   ~Rosie, Texas

Video Examples


For each minute of choreography, Victoria charges a flat rate of $50. For choreography under five minutes you will receive a video of your choreography for you to follow. For choreography five minutes or longer, you will receive:

  • A video of your choreography for you to follow

  • A one hour session to discuss the choreography

It is an additional $80 per hour session with Victoria to learn the choreography in Washington DC. This rate includes the studio rental fee. If you are not in the Washington DC area, you can also purchase online coaching classes to learn the choreography. These lessons start at $40/hour and packages are available HERE .