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River City Raqs

Victoria will be back teaching and performing in the Sunshine State for River City Raqs!

April 5-7 in Jacksonville, FL.


Friday April 5:
10:00am to 12:30pm

Get ready to sweat! This workshop is packed with muscle building drills Victoria uses daily to strengthen her technique. She teaches ways to develop not only your stamina and grace but also your layering and traveling skills.  The drills are adaptable for any dance level, so jump in and get ready to train. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and even a towel.

To purchase a spot in TEEL TECHNIQUE TRAINING click here!

Saturday April 6:
1:30pm to 4:00pm

Victoria will introduce a new method and variation on the ancient Asian-influenced prop,  flutter fan, in this workshop. Inspired by the breathless and elegance of Chinese silk, the Teel Fan method presents techniques & combinations used to create beautiful fan dancing. No prior experience with fan veil is required or necessary.

Class Level: Advanced Beginners and higher
Needed for Class: Right Handed Short Flutter Fan or Standard Fan Veil

*There will be fan veils for sale at RCR in case you forget yours
To purchase a spot in TEEL FAN METHOD click here!

For full weekend packages and accomodation info for River City Raqs check out their website!

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