About Victoria TEEL

Victoria Teel is an award winning belly dance performer and instructor. Quickly growing a passion for the dance and culture, she soon worked with internationally acclaimed artists, directors, and producers. In 2010, Victoria was chosen along with 24 other dancers to participate in the worlds first ever belly dance reality show, Project Belly Dance. She placed among the top six contestants, earning her spot in the Final 6 instructional DVD released in March 2011. 

Soon after Project Belly Dance, Victoria joined Miles Copeland's Bellydance Superstars in Japan for the tour of Bombay Bellywood. She then was chosen along with four other Bellydance Superstars to participate in their newest tour, Club Bellydance. She is currently a member of the Bellydance Superstars and toured full time for three years.

Victoria is internationally recognized for her unique fluid dance style and effortless execution. Her instruction method focuses on flow and how to create a seamless piece of choreography for any style. She is also the creator of the Teel Fan Method, a dance technique using fans and fan veils incorporating influences from Asian dances.

Beginning in 2006, Victoria Teel has studied multiple dance styles including Egyptian, Turkish, American Cabaret, Egyptian Folklore, and Spanish fusion belly dance. 

Today, Victoria is based in the USA and offers online classes. She currently tours the world teaching workshops and performing. 

Since her dance studies began, she has earned the following titles:
2010 Project Belly Dance Final 6 Contestant
2010 Yaa Halla Yall Professional Cabaret First Runner Up Professional Cabaret
2010 Texas A&M's MSC Variety Show 3rd Place Talent
2009 Texas A&M's Philsas Isang Mahals 1st Place Talent
2009 Texas A&M's i-Week Variety Shows Best of Show
2008 Yaa Halla Yall Rising Star Winner
2008 Austin Belly Dance Conventions Miss Hot Texas



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I’ve always admired Victoria’s ability to dance with such graceful movements
— Kimmy O Shimmy